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Hemlock Bark
Hemlock Bark:
Hemlock Bark is the "kid’s choice" in bark mulch. As a "sliver free" mulch, hemlock does not irritate your skin with stiff fibers (bask fibers) found in other fir bark products.

Garden Mulch

Garden Mulch:
An ideal fine ground cover around plant material that provides color contrast and a smooth "soil like" appearance. Garden Mulch is rich in valuable microorganisms and humus that will help build the health of your soil and plants.


BeautiBark™ is our customer's favorite premium grind fir bark mulch for general mulching and natural weed control.

Fine Barkdust
Fine Barkdust:
Extra Fine Bark is a 3/8 inch fine screened fir bark that provides you with a smooth finished appearance in your landscape. Choose from either "fresh" or "aged" when you place your order.

DecoBark™ Nuggets
DecoBark™ Nuggets:
DecoBark™ Nuggets are a 1 to 2 inch fir bark nugget that is free of bark fines. As a wind resistant ground cover, DecoBark™ Nuggets will give you long lasting and contrasting texture in the landscape.

Econo-Bark™ is a basic fir bark mulch for mulching in the landscape, for mud control in rainy months, or for pathways in natural landscapes. Its coarser texture allows for better wear in high traffic areas.

Fiberex is an ASTM tested and approved playground safety surface material that meets their guidelines for impact resistance and wheelchair accessibility.

Spread Ultra-Kote™ on your landscape to give it even longer lasting beauty for just a little extra! Our natural colored UltraKote™ is environmentally friendly and healthy for your plants and soil. You can enjoy vivid color and contrast in your landscape all season long!

Cedar Bedding
Cedar Bedding:
Cedar Bedding is a blend of cedar shavings and sawdust for animal bedding in stalls, or for covering wet or muddy areas outdoors where animals are kept.

Hogged Fuel
Hogged Fuel:
Hogged Fuel is a coarse bark and ground wood fiber material for mud control or natural pathway surfacing.

Rexius Garden Compost

Rexius Garden Compost:
Rexius Garden Compost is a 100% organic, greenwaste based compost approved for all types of gardening. Not all compost is equal. Rexius Garden Compost is produced following stringent guidelines and lab tested for maturity, proper biological balance, and microbial activity.

Steer Plus™

Steer Plus™:
Steer Plus™ is our most popular manure compost blended with three manures making the most ideal organic compost used for flower and vegetable gardens. Steer Plus™ is well composted and provides valuable nutrients along with beneficial microbes.

Mint Plus
Mint Plus

Mint Plus:
Mint Plus is a special blend of Mint compost and Garden Compost for a rich organic based compost used for flower and vegetable gardens.  Mint Plus provides excellent tilth and texture to the soil along with valuable nutrients and beneficial microbial populations.

Planting Soil
Flower-n-Garden™ Planting Soil:
Flower-n-Garden Planting Soil is an all-organic soil blend designed for growing flowers and vegetables. Complete with the right beneficial microbes, compost and organic fertilizers, you can begin to build the proper Soil Foodweb that best fits your plants.

Planting Soil
Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil:
Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil is an all-organic soil blend designed for growing shrubs, trees and other plants that grow best in a fungal dominated environment. Blended with the proper organic fertilizers, compost and beneficial microbes, you can create the ideal Soil Foodweb for your acid loving plants.

Primary Planting Soil
Primary Planting Soil:
Primary Planting Soil is a basic soil blend for building raised planting mounds or as a leveling soil prior to laying sod. All natural and organic, it's a good start for any landscape project.

Premium Turf Start™
Premium Turf Start™:
Premium Turf Start™ is a sandy based soil that is biologically formulated for growing grass lawns. Turf Start™ can be used for laying sod or seeding, or have Rexius blow it in place with seed injected as it’s being applied. Just add water for a beautiful lawn!

Patio Potting Soil™
Patio Potting Soil™:
Patio Potting Soil™ is our all-purpose potting soil for container gardening. Use Patio Potting Soil in flower boxes, clay pots or in any other planter for a well draining soil media.

Sandy Loam
Sandy Loam:
Sandy topsoil product from river bottom loam used for building planting berms or for building up soil levels in the landscape.

Garden Sand

Garden Sand:
Basic garden and construction sand derived from river sand.

1/4" Minus Crushed

1/4" Minus Crushed:
Finely crushed rock for pathways and base material under flagstone, pavers or stepping stone.

3/4" Minus Crushed
3/4" Minus Crushed:
Crushed rock for driveways and base material under most concrete construction.

3/4" Open Quarry
3/4" Open Quarry:
Crushed rock without fines for driveways and pathways where better drainage is needed or a "non-tracking" surface is desired.

3/8" Round
3/8" Round:
Pea sized round rock for drainage or pathway surface.

3/4" Round
3/4" Round:
Drainage rock used for most applications in construction.

1 1/2" Round
1 1/2 " Round:
Large round rock used for drainage work, and also for decorative rock around ponds.

Beach Sand
Beach Sand:
Beach Sand is commonly used for outdoor sandboxes or for sand-based volleyball courts.